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2014 ….Term 3

The first half of this year has gone so quickly.  It seems crazy that we are starting Term 3.  The children are still in winter uniform this term. I leave in the morning with the sun rising and often get home as the sun is setting. It is however comforting to know that the days are getting longer and winter is almost over.

The children are always so excited to get back to school to their friends and swop stories, I don’t know so much about the school work.

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Banele and Nomvuyo in Junior primary brought home good reports at the close of Term 2. The senior primary children only get their reports on the 29th July.  So we will only have a full reflection on how everyone is doing thereafter.

Andile, Grade 4, still continues to go to Vision Therapy twice a week.  He has his second assessment early August. The school’s remedial teacher approached me and asked me to please organize a full assessment for Andile. He still battles in areas and she feels the full assessment will ensure that we are not missing anything. He is popular with teachers and peers. His behaviour in class is good it is just that he gets so behind.  I have organized a date in August and will be going with Andile’s dad (his request due to his command of the English language) to the parent interview.

Junior continues with his extra English lessons and has made good progress there. He continues to excel at sports and is extremely popular with his peers.

He was invited to numerous birthday parties last term and had his mum “pulling her hair out” as he organized transport to and from venues with the help of friends. He has learned that communication with all parties is key!

Andiswa is doing well and has turned into a real chatterbox in the car. If for some reason she is not there the other children remark that it is so quiet without her. The boys are secretly pleased as Nomvuyo and her can get the giggles that last the whole trip!

Last term was a busy term with Grade 5 doing a heritage project; they dressed up in a costume of their own heritage at the end of term.

The Grade 4’s did a project on a country of their choice. At the end of the term they had to dress up and bring in food from their country for a morning Taste Tour. They had a great morning. Andile did Australia and Andiswa did India.

Grade 3, had an insect project, Nomvuyo did hers on Butterflies.

Banele in Grade 2 had a good term. He enjoyed playing soccer and socializing with friends during Aftercare.

A highlight for me was when Grace, an AFS Exchange Student, visited me at the Pre-school were I work mornings and from where all these children hail from.  We had a great morning interacting and playing with the little ones.  Grace has raised amazing funds for the education of iXoxo children for which we are so, so extremely grateful.

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The children had a fabulous morning with her and loved chasing after the bubbles.

Here’s to a great Term 3.


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