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Belief in oneself and what others believe you can do is so important to children. These past few months have really brought this home to us. Our one lad has been battling with mathematics and was beginning to get a real block against it.  He was shutting down when numbers appeared. He has a single father who works long hours so there is no one at home to sit down, help him and encourage him, no one who could build on what he was learning in class. He was lucky to have a fabulous teacher last year that really believed in him, and towards the end of the year this belief began to internalize. This year, he is with another great teacher, and he is getting help with homework through iXoxo. He is spending time in an environment that is structured and rich in content. On the way into school and home all the children have to listen to a Times Table CD in the car, that sings out the times tables and then has a section where they have to shout out the answers. All of the children are benefiting.

This week this lad received a mathematics merit in his homework book, he kept really quiet about it. Almost as if he didn’t believe he could and had actually done it. There was much praise and celebrating when it was accidently discovered and he just beamed.

It is surreal and so rewarding to watch him all of sudden grasp certain patterns and concepts in mathematics.

We believe he can do and slowly it is unfolding in him too.


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