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World Cup Cricket fever is catchy

World cup cricket is giving our cricket terms added excitement and drive.

Laddsworth 1st team lost by only 0ne run on Saturday , the atmosphere was great and everyone had a great day.  Parents supported their cricketers and all parents contributed  towards lunch for themselves, coaches and the visting side. We contributed for our sportsman and he was so proud to carry in his salad on the morning. His mum was very grateful too. Unfortunately she works on a Saturday morning so doesn’t have the opportunity to watch him. She is , of course,  behind him 100% in spirit.

Follow up from last weeks blog… Our maths lad came first in a times table quizz …Woo Hoo. He still isn’t telling of his accomplishments, luckily we saw the teacher who gave the quizz and she was so happy to tell of his win.  Now we can pass the good news onto his Dad.

So even though the week was busy there is always something to be grateful for. Happy International Womens Day , and to our girl children – Aim High. xxx   To our boy children too xxx                 Really when one thinks about it how crazy is gender inequality anyway…so here’s to a more just world.




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