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Life Lessons

I fetched all the children on Wednesday and the one little girl was rather quiet and thoughtful as we started the trip home.  It all came pouring out soon…. the coach had favourite pupils during the sport practices and she and some other girls were  never chosen to play in the fun practice matches. They just had to sit at the sides.This only happened when the teacher in charge of the sport was not there. Now, I have watched her play and she plays well so…

She was so sad and voiced she was not enjoying hockey anymore. The other children in the car listening, all empathized with her, and the one little boy who had also had some experience with the coach agreed.

This resulted in a good chat about how it made them feel, and how important it was to be fair to everyone. Was being fair and giving everyone a chance just as important as winning for the school?  We also spoke about how important sports coaches are and I told them this happens right up to professional level. We also discussed that we don’t really know the reasons. I asked why she didn’t ask to have a turn and she said No! We are told don’t ask or you will never be picked.

We ended our life lesson agreeing that people’s behaviour tells us a lot about them and we need to try not take it personally. Hard for these little souls that just want to get out there and give it their all. Hopefully next hockey practice goes better for her or she will not be so upset about sitting on the sides .



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