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Wow Christmas and year end is just around the corner

It is almost as if the pace of time increases from July.  Whoooooosh   The third term just galloped past.

There was so much going on this term. School work as usual, the girls played soccer, the boys hockey.

Grade 6s had to make their own torches and at the end of the term went on an outing – Life Orientation Day ” Caring for Animals and People” . Our lad went to visit an Old Aged Home.

Grade 5 s had to contribute to the cake sale; work hard on their science experiments that ended in a Science Evening to showcase their investigations; go on a Weather Station Outing and dress up for Egypt day! Phew just writing it all down makes me tired all over again , probably because there are two  kids in this grade. ☺️

Grade 4′ s went to visit a Pre-school and handed over money that Laddsworth Primary School had collected for them by holding a “civvies day”.  All the children at Laddsworth may wear civvies on such a day but it costs them R5.00 .

Our lass got together with her friends and also raised some additional money by drawing pictures and selling them to other school kids.  There was a slight hiccough when one of the girls took all the money they had raised and bought jelly beans during break. It proved to be a valuable life lesson for the group and it was sorted out by themselves. (with some guidelines from the discussions our Grade 4 lass and I had, had together)

Grade 3 had a visit to Macrorie House as part of the Victorian theme , they then had a project to do , and a dress-up day. Our Grade 3 lad just managed to get a project in…phew he was going off on his own tangent until I reigned him back in. (Note to self – watch him) Oh yes they also went down to Durban to the Sharks Board on an outing too!!!

We are all now resting on holiday, the weather is fabulously sunny , and all the kids return to School on Monday in their Summer uniforms.

We are still needing funds for 2016, please follow us on Facebook and GoFundMe , and donate. 🙏🏼

Thank you .

Handing over the cheque image image Junior making his torch Outing group Victorian day





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