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Ups and Downs

The last post was in October last year… crazy right? However I am learning to be kind to myself and accept what is…

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The children all passed last year and entered their new grades mid January, the hectic weeks of covering books and marking stationery flew passed. A new rhythm started and before we knew it was Valentine’s day and the Inter-house Gala. All our children are in the red house named Kudu and Kudu won the gala by one point… Woo hoo

Our lad in Grade 6 who played first team cricket all of last year , found himself in the second team this year …. a lot of strong players came up into his division. He has taken it well and continues to smile and see good in everything. His attitude is play my best whatever the team, and he is determined to get back into the 1st Team.

Gala Gala Kudu Gala Junior

We were all inspired by his attitude , so here’s to choosing to live our best lives.


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