Creating Educational Opportunities


iXoxo Trust is a targeted intervention that works to provide educational opportunities for talented disadvantaged young children in the Midlands of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

We are a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organization.

The Trust is underpinned by a belief that access to quality education at Foundation Phase Primary School level is the greatest social vector to the benefit of our communities and country.

According to research carried out by Pisa, a research project under the auspices of the OECD, “Disadvantaged students can and often do defy the odds against them when given the opportunity to do so. This includes offering these students equal opportunities to learn, and fostering their self-confidence and motivation so that they can exploit their potential”.

iXoxo is the isiZulu word for frog.

Just as frogs are bio-indicators and considered to be indicators of environmental stress and the health of the biosphere as a whole….we believe that quality education of our primary school youth is a socio- indicator of the future health of our country as a whole.


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Happy New Year everybody , may 2017 bring what it may.
We are ready.
We especially wish Junior a smooth new year as he starts his High Schooling years.
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Happy Christmas all! ... See MoreSee Less

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A huge thank you to "our supporter who doesn't want to be named" for the extra money you donated towards stationery and other items that need buying at the end of the year going into 2017. xxx
School closed yesterday - three of our kids got certificates.... Hooray :) So happy and proud for you.
Enjoy your holidays kids the 11th of January 2017 will be here before we know it .....
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Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends ... See MoreSee Less

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