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Go, Go, Go…….

All iXoxo children did well in term one, reports showed where there is room for improvement for some, however all are working steadily.

Two of our children were given their first bicycles by one of the aftercare ladies – they were delighted..Woo Hoo

They have all had their birthdays , there are three in January, one in March and one in April. Phew!

One the sports field they are all enjoying winter sports, namely – hockey, netball for the girls and rugby and soccer for the boys.

We discovered that one of the lads needed some serious dental work – which had us checking all the kids. One other lad will need some fillings too…glory!!!

  This year seems to be happening at a hectic speed…we have found a rhythm and it is go go go. 🙂 First team cricketHockey win Soccer fever

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