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This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow. – Margaret Lindsey

Sometimes, the thought of the future and these five lives we nurture causes my heart to pound.

Will we be able to raise the funds? Are we nurturing them enough? Will they get into good High Schools and, more importantly than the careers they will enter into, will they be people with good values, understanding, kind, compassionate and valuable members of society?

I take deep breaths and I trust, trust and have faith in the journey …”This very moment is a seed from which the flowers of tomorrow’s happiness grow”. – Margret Lindsey

So everyday our intention is to do our best…all of us.  We talk about it in the car while journeying into school . If we give of our best today, tomorrow will just have to be good .

Term three has started. All of the children passed their half year exams, and they are all developing into such super kids. ( Yeah you can say I am biased, 🙂 but honestly they are. )

It has been a time of settling into new rhythms, working out who is playing what sport after school: checking equipment and uniforms; topping up stationery and planning ahead for term projects.

A Science Evening, Weather Station Outing and an Egypt day for Grade 5. Our Grade 6 lad is building a torch. I am still waiting to pencil in Grade 3 and 4 outings and tasks.

It is so important to nurture these children in more than just academics. All domains need input: physical, self and social understanding, cultural, emotional, moral, and cognitive and language development.   We hear of so many stories of children who are sponsored with school fees into good schools and how they dont make it and bail out early. It is important for these children to feel a sense of belonging and worth and by nurturing these children from day one, Grade 1, I believe we are already seeing the results that will follow them through life.

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