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First Newsletter of 2018

Life happens. One looks up and Whoa! its June already.

The past five months have been so full. The children are all doing well at school. One of our kids started High School this year and boarding too, she has settled into her new environment well. She is so fortunate to be at an amazing school that is not only challenging her academically but is so supportive and nurturing of the young lady she is and is becoming.

Sadly one of our children lost her father in March. He had been terminally ill for a while. Her school teachers and friends were amazing with her and she had all the support and love we could give. She has good days and sad days. She was made netball captain this term and she has loved her role and shows good leadership qualities. She is going off on the schools Winters Sports Tour at the end of this term and is already making plans on how to motivate and build team spirit in her team.   We have applied to High Schools in our areas for her next year and should hear soon if she has been accepted.

There have been school outings which have the kids staying away for a few days.  Our kids love these camps coming back full of stories some of which give us such a laugh.

iXoxo Trust has been assisting two families with transporting their children to the same school that ours go to. We have a Grade 1 and a Grade 3 child coming with us now and we play Eye Spy and count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s many a morning. The atmosphere is great and the older children love it. I don’t know why we stopped as we used to do just that when they were younger. They arrive at school in great moods and I start my day thus too.

Till the next letter, happy days everyone.


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